freena 11.1-u1

  1. D

    FreeNAS uses only 8 Gb ram

    Hi, my pc (fx 8370, 16 gb RAM, 4 TB hdd, 60 Gb ssd) has freenas and uses 8 GB of RAM (also using other ram the same thing happens). The bios is updated and sees 16 gb and also the memTest says that all is well. Do you know how it can manage to use all my 16 GB of ram? [root@DhimmiServer ~]#...
  2. D

    Freenas does not see all the available RAM

    Hi, I have a server (cpu fx 8370, 16gb ram, 4 tb hdd, msi 970 gaming motherboard,freenas 11.1 u2). Freenas uses only 8gb out of the 16 available (the desks are fully functional). I put the ram so that it uses the two channels by arranging the alternating 1 / 3-2 / 4 ram. the motherboard BIOS...
  3. Aurélien

    Webui interface limit to 25 sub-datasets - FreeNAS 11.1-U1 - webui legacy

    Hello everyone, I allow myself to post here before opening a ticket on the redmine because I make a strange bug. I have more than 20 FreeNAS in production in a sensible environment and I would like to have your opinion. On one of FreeNAS, I have a volume of data. Inside this volume I have...
  4. B

    FreeNAS w/ OwnCloud Plugin... need help finding Port #

    Hi, I am new to the FreeNAS Forum. I have made a small home server to be able to store all my projects and be able to access it from any network that I am in. In the process, I have taken step by step guides from Youtube, and Forums, but ran into a problem I could not seem to find. So far, I...
  5. I

    Setting up FreeNAS for file sharing

    Hello all, I am trying to setup FreeNAS v.11 on one my spare system which has only one HDD of 1TB. What I want to do is create few datasets on the mounted volume and share each dataset with different user group with appropriate access rights. So far I have done following: setup FreeNAS on...
  6. P

    GUI broken after 11.1-u1 update

    Hello The other day I ran the update to FreeNAS 11.1-u1 via the gui. After rebooting the gui goes to the login. When i type the username and password i get the following error pasted below. My addons still work. Im watching plex fine. SSH still works, i can see my data drive mounted. If i...