1. Tauq

    Flexget config.yml not found

    Hello, I'm trying to get my flexget to run but I cant seem to get it to find the config file no matter where I place it. Ive tried to place it both in a flexget folder on pc and on the NAS. As well as in the root directory. this is what i get when i run "flexget check": root@freenas_1:/ #...
  2. 9

    My first guide on FreeNAS with FlexGet and Transmission on a Jail

    This is my first post in the FreeNAS forum. I have been using a FreeNAS box as a home file-server for the last 3 years now. I am grateful for FreeNAS and I thought I should give back to the community by sharing my current setup configuration. I've tried to document the steps from setting up to...