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  1. TheWoo

    SOLVED Flashing Dell Perc H310, H200, IBM M1015 to LSI 9211-8i under UEFI: Solution to „ERROR: Cannot Flash IT Firmware over IR Firmware“

    This post is to prevent more people from getting insane over trying to re-flash their HBAs (Host-Bus-Adapter)/SAS Controller in order to make them FreeNAS compatible. I spend an entire night finding the solution... There are countless instructions on the web on how to re-flash your IBM M1015...
  2. D

    SOLVED Unable to GPT format the disk "da1": gpart: Input/output error

    I am having some issues with my ESX R710/H200e/MD1200 config. I have passed through the H200e to the VM in ESX. I followed the flashing guide for flashing the H200e to IT mode. (Took 3 computers to finally get the flash successful) When I try to create a volume I get the following error...
  3. F

    I'm still confused. LSI 9220-8i. IT Flashing, DOS & UEFI Errors

    Hi. My Starting Point I Read https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/confused-about-that-lsi-card-join-the-crowd.11901/ Had a read of https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/ibm-serveraid-m1015-and-no-lsi-sas-adapters-found.27445/ & created 2 usb sticks as a result I have read the...
  4. Cronus94

    Flashing Supermicro X10SL7‑F to ITmode?

    Hi Everyone I'm starting my first server build soon and planning on using the Supermicro X10SL7‑F. I am aware I will need to flash it into it mode however I have been unable to find the firmware, all i can find is old and broken links. Does anyone have a working link for the firmware. I...
  5. boris_d

    How-to: Flash LSI 9211-8i using EFI shell

    My used HW: USB stick + Desktop PC (not the server board) with a motherboard Asus P9X79 WS (hosting i7-3930K + 16GB RAM but it doesn’t matter). The motherboard shall support UEFI version >=1.0 and be able to access USB from BIOS/EFI shell. Step-by-step procedure: Insert the controller card in...