1. nickt

    Smoked my BMC on ASRock C2750D4I

    Hi all, Hoping someone might be able to help. Like a fool, I rushed in to do an IPMI firmware upgrade on my ASRock C2750D4I and I seem to have managed to toast the BMC. I stupidly started the firmware upgrade from the IPMI GUI using the MacOS Safari browser. At the point where it should have...
  2. BenjaminHFJ

    Broadcom/Avago/LSI Firmware version supported by mpr driver

    There are already quite a number of threads regarding the matching of the HBA firmware version and the mpr (or mps) driver version, all of which basically state that in a perfect setup both versions ideally should match. I had an old LSI 9201-16i card running for several years with an ancient...
  3. MrToddsFriends

    WD Red: Firmware modifications without change in version number

    In my FreeNAS system I have four WD Red 3TB drives from different years. All of them show identical Firmware Version strings but the newest of them shows a different behavior regarding logs supported. I'm on FreeNAS-11.1-U4 and I am using smartctl 6.6 2017-11-05 r4594 [FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE...
  4. Eds89

    Samsung P961/P951 firmware update recommended?

    Hi Guys, Is it recommended to update Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD firmware versions before use with FreeNAS? I have a PM953 and just wondering if there are any recommendations on updating the firmware to a certain level before using as a SLOG? Cheers Eds
  5. Eds89

    Current recommendations on 9207-8i firmware version

    Hi All, Is there a current recommendation on firmware version to use on an LSI 9207-8i, for the latest builds of FreeNAS? Is P20 ok, I should I be rolling back to P16? Cheers Eds
  6. S

    Chelsio T420 reports 'fw init error' during boot, works fine outside FreeBSD?

    I'm setting up a temporary 2nd server to troubleshoot my primary NAS :p :rolleyes: . To do this I've kicked the system SSD and VGA card out of a spare Hyper-V server (it's the only other Supermicro/Xeon/ECC platform that I can easily free up for a few days). The server is ideal for FreeNAS -...
  7. S

    Help please with driver & firmware versions

    Hi, after installing free as for the first time a few months ago I'm still fairly low on the learning curve. I've come from a 90% windows background so it's been a fairly uphill struggle so far. I thought I'd try first with a bunch of old 3tb drives I had laying about so I've created a 20tb...
  8. Cronus94

    Flashing Supermicro X10SL7‑F to ITmode?

    Hi Everyone I'm starting my first server build soon and planning on using the Supermicro X10SL7‑F. I am aware I will need to flash it into it mode however I have been unable to find the firmware, all i can find is old and broken links. Does anyone have a working link for the firmware. I...
  9. S

    Help - anyone with an Intel 910 400GB who can download the bare Intel firmware (not the intel pkg)

    (Crossposted to STH forums) I have a server with an LSI 9211-IT HBA, Intel 910 SSD, and Chelsio NIC. I was updating the HBA firmware. As usual I checked no other RAID/HBA/LSI cards in the machine, so I flashed the HBA. It now turns out that the Intel 910 uses the same chip internally -...
  10. S

    Crossflashing LSI 9211 ?

    I've got a 9211-8i on my new build (9.10). I found it had the old outdated firmware, got the latest fw (P20) from Avago (2118it.bin), and managed to mount a USB stick with the file on it, under FAT32. I used sas2flash -fwall <mnt_path>/2118it.bin to update it, which part-worked. What I get now...