1. HomeStorageManiac

    Files Invisible on Replication Computer

    Hello, I have been using FreeNAS for regular home storage for a while now. I recently decided to add a replication FreeNAS and following the instructions. It appears to be working. The source computer sends the Snapshots over to the destination. There are no errors and sometimes I even catch...
  2. M

    How can I see individual file information in a FreeNAS volume?

    After many years of having no decent backup plan (and, thankfully, not needing one), I've built a FreeNAS server, with resources shared to a mostly-Windows LAN. So far, I've defined 2 volumes ("PC1backup" and "PC2backup"), with corresponding SMB shares, in the ZFSPOOL. FreeNAS and the shares are...
  3. C

    Replication results in empty directories

    I'm using replication to back up one FreeNAS 9.10 server (call it alpha) to another (call it beta). All that appears on beta is an empty directory tree. No files! I followed the User Guide, setting it up. I made sure all old snapshots on both alpha and beta were destroyed. The Status field on...
  4. O

    SMB shares, if you remove delete permission, users cannot rename or move files

    Hi there so as the title of this post goes on. i am having some issues. we have everything set up but when we remove the user permissions to delete and delete subfolders, the users cannot move or rename any files / folders within the shares. please note that these changes are being made within...
  5. C

    SOLVED Help, Can't access my files

    I've had my freenas server for over a month so far and I have found it incredibly useful. However today it disappeared from the network section of windows fie explorer. My server is running freenas 9.10.2 and my desktop is running windows 10. I made no changes to any freenas settings before this...