1. K

    Shockingly Slow File Transfers - Not The Network

    Hi guys As I’m sure you can tell I’m a newbie to the forum, but been using Freenas For a good while now. I have never been able to resolve an issue with file transfer speeds. The network has been tested and recently upgraded. Throughput on the network is 500gbs. I have a WD my cloud running...
  2. J

    rsync Freenas ISO

    Hi. I finally got rsync working between two Freenas servers. It works fine. However I use my server for a large DVD copy library and the files are .ISO. My TV shows when duplicated do not have the extension and rsync perfectly. The .ISO extension files do not. Any idea what to do? Is...
  3. dramic

    Assistance Requested in Building My First FreeNAS

    Greetings FreeNAS community, Let me preface my thread by saying that the goal is to learn as much as I can to intelligently select and purchase parts for my first FreeNAS system at home. I have read through the supported hardware documentation, but honestly decrypting that info and selecting...
  4. O

    Hardware advice for file server

    Hello, First time FreeNAS builder here :). I work in a small agency that is undergoing big changes in its IT infrastructure. As part of these changes (that include some new pfSense firewalls) we are also replacing an ageing file server. The file server is an old iMac Pro with a few 1 TB hard...