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faulted drive

  1. RchGrav

    Faulted disks replacesd by spares (automatically) verify next steps.

    Hi Guys, Looks like I have a pool in a degraded state, I think because the hotspares kicked in. This system is running FreeNAS 11.1-U4. Please take a look at this zpool status. I assume I need to detach the faulted drives and the spares will become permanent from what I have read...
  2. bitsquirrel

    raidz2 + encryption + faulted drive; re-importing & resilvering 11.1-U4

    Hello so I have an encrypted raidz2 pool with a faulted drive (da0). I wanted to upgrade the entire array, but ran into snags. What I did was, detach the entire array, reboot, and attempt to get the new drives to work. The new 12TB SAS drives appear to not spin up; I think that is a "pin3...
  3. T

    Pool state degraded ?

    I am getting the error "The volume ali_pool state is DEGRADED: One or more devices are faulted in response to persistent errors. Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue functioning in a degraded state." the shell reads pool: ali_pool state: DEGRADED...
  4. T

    Pool degraded - failed to read SMART Attribute Data

    FreeNAS 11.1-U3 Supermicro X11SSL-CF with six Toshiba DT01ACA3 drives connected to the LSI 3008 (FW PH15.00.03.00). I got a critical alert today: CRITICAL: March 24, 2018, 8:52 a.m. - Device: /dev/da3 [SAT], failed to read SMART Attribute Data CRITICAL: March 24, 2018, 8:48 a.m. - The volume...