1. A

    Slow storage/iscsi performance due to "cbb" devices are 100% utilized

    Hi, We are running FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE-U1 for quite a while. We have an ESX is running VMs over a lun that is located on the FreeNAS, connected over ISCSI. Lately, it seems like we have reached some bottleneck in our storage system, causing our VMware VMs to run very slowly. We tried to...
  2. FozzyBear

    iSCSI extent not deleting

    Recently deployed FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1 onto a small low power lab box, created a single extent for my VM storage then created a second extent to test something. No longer need that second extent and when attempting to delete, it is not being removed. The associated target was removed first but when...
  3. I

    Can't see my hard disk in iSCSI extent devices.

    Hi, I am new in FreeNas. I added new Extent but it didn't shown in list. when I tried to add it again, my disk not seen in Device list. but it exists in Storage>Disks. How can I see my disk in the Device list of iSCSI Extent devices?
  4. A

    View NAA in FreeNAS UI or via REST

    Is there a way to view/pull the NAA for an iSCSI Extent from the freenas UI or through a REST API command? I am adding a large number of LUNs to some hosts from our FreeNAS appliance, and I'd like to find a way to match up Luns to Extents without shelling into the FreeNAS box.
  5. S

    Bug: iSCSI: Adding nested extent

    I found a bug - not sure where to report so adding here: When I try to add an extent, I get an error: Zvol "xxxx" does not exist, even though it definitely exists - see screenshot. The zvol was created by cloning a snapshot of another zvol. I destroyed and recreated the clone several times...
  6. Brentnall

    "list index out of range" when attempting to remove iSCSI Extent

    My Google-Fu may be failing me here so feel free to take exception to this stupidity and point me in the right direction of an existing thread or bug listing :p Assuming that isn't the case however here goes... When attempting to delete any iSCSI extent I receive the following error at the...