1. J

    expanding volumes and shares on vmware hosted freenas

    I am running freenas (FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1) as a virtual machine under vmware esxi, which is hosted on a hardware raid system so there is no need to use another raid configuration inside the virtualized freenas. The freenas vm had two harddisks, an 8GB bootdisk and another 2.0TB for the filepool...
  2. R

    SOLVED Expanding Volume

    Hi, I have this volume called HDD and I would like to extend it. There seems to be about 3TB of EXPANDSZ space, but I do not see an option to extend it. If I can do anything to reduce fragmentation, any advice would be very welcome as well. root@freenas:~ # zpool list NAME SIZE ALLOC...
  3. Kennyvb8

    expand raid somehow?!

    Hey there dont know what went wrong but somehow i'm not using the Full potential size of my raid look at the screenshot is there anyway i can expand so that the dataset uses the full raid ? also the Md0 at top is actully on 14TB (7x2tb) disks?!? where is all my space?! i think i'm useing 1...
  4. David Henrickson

    New build, need hard drive ideas

    Hello, I am new...actually, this is my first thread. So quite new. Anyway, I want to build a FreeNAS server....maybe down the line 2, so I can have a dedicated backup of the original. I plan on using it for PLEX and most notably for my photos, music and videos. I photograph weddings, sometimes...
  5. S

    Adding Mirror to RAIDZ1

    I currently have a RAIDZ1 made up of 4x2TB drives. I've recently decommissioned an old 4Bay NAS that also at 4x2TB drives in it. I've mounted the new drives and they are ready to go, what I would like to do is take these 4 drives and make it a mirror of the existing RAIDZ1 set. Is this...
  6. T

    Trying to expand 7 drive pool but can't detect new drives

    Hi All, New to freenas and NAS in general. I have setup a nas using initially 6 drives (4tb Ironwolfs). One of them was DOA so i had that replaced with another and ended up recreating the pool using RAID Z2 instead of Z because of all the horror stories. So 5 drives in RAIDZ2 then expanded with...
  7. muzhik

    expand zfs

    Hi! I've change volume size on my vmware host for freenas server. How to expand current zfs pool to new allocated free space on drive?
  8. S

    Expanding a Raid 1 with larger drives

    Hey All. I would like to upgrade my RAID-1 mirror I have in my freenas system that contains 2x 1TB GB hard drives for 2 larger hard drives. Possibly upgrading to 2 x 6TB or 2 x 4TB in a Raid 1. How would I go about doing this? I have had a look at the manual and found this: Most I have looked...