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  1. I

    Hello from Russia Moscow! )

    Hi All! Using HPE MicroServer gen 10 3x2TB WD Purple (ZFS) 1x2TB WD Purple (RAW) for non important stuff (maybe 'll move it to WD MyCloud and make 4x2TB) 1x256GB SSD for boot SMB sharing for home usage NextCloud ) Emby
  2. C

    Emby fails to stream any video. FreeNas 11.2 Emby

    Hi all, so I've reinstalled emby after updating to FreeNas 11.2 and none of the content in the libraries will stream. I've setup the storage and the plugin all in the new UI and Emby reads all the data on the drives, I can still download movies from emby but it won't stream anything. Just keeps...
  3. S

    FreeNAS 11.2 - update plugins

    update: same problem for Plex it seems: https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/updating-plex-plugin-in-11-2.70757/ --- Hello everyone I recently updated to FreeNAS 11.2 and I'm mostly using Docker for all my Plugins / additional software now. However, I used the Emby plugin since I was...
  4. P

    11.2 Beta installation emby plugin issue

    Hey, I have got installed today FreeNas 11.2 Beta on my bare metal and after that when I configured SMB share I would like to install emby server plugin like I did it on 9.3 but there is some problems and I have no idea how to resolve that isse. Error...
  5. C

    Updating local plugin (Plex/Emby)?

    Hi, I use the Plex and Emby plugin but the repository hasn't been updated in a while. I've a couple of questions: Can I just update the the local plugins with "pkg update ..."? If the plugin repository is updated and I then 'Update' in the console will it break #1 (above)? Thanks Paul
  6. DeaDSouL

    Plugin: Emby doesn't work on 11.1-x

    Hi, The Emby plugin was installed successfully, created the jail, and the plugin.. But the plugin itself doesn't want to run. it says: Jan 19 18:22:49 storage kernel: pid 64337 (mono-sgen), uid 989: exited on signal 6 It was working just fine on 11.0-x, but it doesn't on 11.1-x (11.1-RELEASE...
  7. DeaDSouL

    Upgrading from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE caused many issues!

    Hi, My FreeNAS server was working just fine until I did the following 1) Upgraded the FreeNAS (from 11.0-U4 to 11.1-RELEASE). 2) Upgraded the ECC-RAM (from 128GB to 256GB). 3) Enabled System->Advanced->Enable autotune. Then, the FreeNAS started to throw some errors. Like: First when I...
  8. John Buyense

    Error when updating Emby plugin

    I get the following error pop when trying to update the Emby plugin in, hopefully someone can help me with what's wrong: "Request information GET No GET data POST VariableValue__form_id'form_str' FILES No FILES data COOKIES...
  9. Hisma

    Another 11.0 Docker Setup Tutorial - This one using Ubuntu Server VM

    I originally wrote this for emby users, but because this is certainly relevant to freenas users, I'll cross-post it here, since once you get docker working, you can use it to set up any container you see fit. I will use emby server as my container of choice though. Here's the original I wrote -...
  10. A

    FreeNAS SMBD - Can't Set up Authenticated Shares

    Alright. I've been at this for half the night, tried clicking different things, I finally got to where I was ready to start randomly clicking to try and make this work. According to your guide, I click on Sharing, Windows (SMB), then create share and I am suppose to get a window where I create...
  11. K

    Emby - Plugin

    Moin! Ich bin ein Emby-Fan und habe mich sehr gefreut als ich es als Plugin fand! Nur leider kann ich in Emby keinen Ordner (z.B. "Filme") einfügen. Muss ich einen Benutzer für Emby anlegen? Wenn ja, wie genau muss ich das machen? Gruß Kodiman