dynamic ip

  1. C

    Buy domain and dynamic IP

    Hi, So I’ve finally gotten fiber 500/500 at home and want to register a domain and get a wildcard ssl certificate to use on freenas, unifi guest portal, nextcloud+++ for lan use only. The only service I plan on passing thru my gateway is VPN. The problem is that I have dynamic IP, fixed is...
  2. D

    Mirrored two-way offsite NAS

    Hi all, So, after a few years of not using FreeNAS I want to get back to using it, properly. My situation is this: I am an audio engineer with quite some data storage needs which all need to be safely backed up. I'm of the type that likes to store things in three different places, one needed...
  3. Spud

    Downloading remotely using rsync and dynamic IPs

    Heres what I would like to get working but I'm a little stuck on where to look next I have 2 freenas boxes, mines local with a static IP lets call that one (A) and the other will be at a remote location with a dynamic IP lets call that one (B). So obviously the remote system (B) needs to be...
  4. Bhoot

    Accessing Plex with dynamic IP and no Plex Pass.

    I will give you an awesome tip for plex. It's not an advertisement, just a discovery I wanted to share with others. I discovered it recently and till now I was shuffling through the ip addresses of various servers of my family to access everything (I guess you're doing the same). First and...