duplicate files

  1. Neeraj Saraf

    Duplicate files being created

    Hello All: I have a back up configured on my Windows 10 Pro laptop which pumps data to a folder on a freenas system. However, I see duplicates of several (not all) files being created. A screen shot is also uploaded. Can someone guide as to why this is happening and what can be done to stop /...
  2. T

    Will jails duplicate my files(meaning double the size for one file)?

    Hi all, I set up next cloud jails source from my shares location to destination under jails /mnt/. I finished setting up external storages under nextcloud. My concern is when I create a file under NextCloud, the file will also shown under my shares. Does this mean my files has been duplicated...
  3. L

    fslint, how do I install and run it?

    I have FreeNAS 11.1 running with 9TB zfs volume which has duplicate files, some with differing names of various types of media (video, pictures, documents, spreadsheets etc). I want to run fslint but don't know how to install it onto my FreeNAS server. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  4. R

    do jails consolidate files to prevent duplicates

    I have searched and can't find a clear answer to my question. I notice when I ftp into my freenas build, [I have 3 mirrored zpools (zpool1, zpool2, zpool3)] if I navigate to the folders for the jail of sabnzbd (zpool2) it shows the contents and files in the downloads directory as full size...