dual expander

  1. C

    Flashing LSI 3008 to IT for Expander Backplane?

    Hello, Building a new system with: X11SPH-nCTPF motherboard and SuperChassis 826BE2C-R920LPB which has a BPN-SAS3-826EL2 dual-expander backplane. I've connected the SAS cables from the 2 ports on the motherboard to the first two ports on the first expander (currently not using the second...
  2. Brosif_My_Nif

    Multipath Corrupted Multiple Disks and Possibly Destroyed Pool - Please Help

    THE PROBLEM: I had a perfectly running volume for 3+ years that may be lost due to Sata drives being introduced to a brand new Supermicro SAS3 multipath, dual expander backplane environment. Any assistance that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. OLD SERVER: FreeNAS-11.1-U6 Norco 4224...