drive configuration

  1. ninjaneer68

    Question on expanding zpool ( raidz1 )

    I have a 12 bay server I put freenas on. I think I just messed up expanding my storage. I currently have 8 drives now which are 2 sets of raidz1-0 and raidz1-2 I just added 3 more drives and extended my previous volume with the three drives I just purchased. I am thinking I messed up and should...
  2. Wanderhoden.

    Drives wont spin down after 11.2 upgrade

    Hi folks, i updated my FreeNAS version to 11.2 a week ago and it seems to have an interesting issue. Usually my drives from my main pool would spin down after 60 minutes of idle to save energy and wearout. After the update they just keep running forever. If I manually shut them down via...
  3. I

    Raidz2, 3 VS. Mirrored for backup storage critical

    Hi, I'm new to ZFS and I'm building my first Freenas Backup Server. I so many of you are great at helping me with my build I thought I'd start another thread just about Raid to keep it simple and maybe help out someone else searching the forum. My Question is: What are your suggestions for...