1. L

    freenas Monitor stuck at "boot" but boots anyway

    Hello, my freenas- install stops the output to the Monitor with the "booting"-text on the blue background (see attached image). Firt I thought the system hangs, but Freenasloads an works like a charm! It ist really only the monitor-output that hangs. The system is: OS Version...
  2. codetheweb

    SOLVED Weird issues with text console over VGA

    This has been an issue since I first built my system. For some reason, output over VGA is really garbled. This hasn't been an issue until now, as I simply used a different computer to create a bootable flash drive. However, the system suddenly will not connect to my network and I need to be...
  3. A

    No signal to monitor on initial setup

    Hi all, Brand new to this. I've setup my hardware and turned on my box, all powers up fine but no signal is going to my monitor to start the installation. Any ideas why this might be? I've tried using an HDMI cable and a VGA, but no joy with either. I don't understand why. Any help would be...