disc activity; spindown

  1. S

    Drive spindown (DS3) through LSI firmwares 9207-8i / 9211-8i possible or not?

    Hi Im in the middle of a build, which has been a long story, which I'd rather not go in too much detail with here (it upsets my blood pressure :) ) - unless there's a real need for it. Roughly put, I have an ESX build, and a IBM M5015 raid card. After much time invested, and in the end...
  2. Wanderhoden.

    Drives wont spin down after 11.2 upgrade

    Hi folks, i updated my FreeNAS version to 11.2 a week ago and it seems to have an interesting issue. Usually my drives from my main pool would spin down after 60 minutes of idle to save energy and wearout. After the update they just keep running forever. If I manually shut them down via...
  3. D

    Discs writing every 5 minutes. No reason.

    I have built FreeNAS 11.1-U6 with 3 discs. SSD for system, 2x4TB for data pool. It is home server, rarely used. There is every 5 minutes disc activity on discs (seen on graphs, heard when listening the disc noise). I am afraid it will damage my discs fast. I can not activate spindown. I cannot...