1. itsryan

    Cannot destroy iocage jail

    Hello All, I have been messing around with iocage and I was able to get a new jail created no problem but now that in trying to destroy the jail I run into a error. Keep in mind that this exact same error appears when im trying to stop the jail. The error started after running this command...
  2. M

    What does: # zfs destroy tank/home/blabla , destroy ? parent, child objects ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the cli command zfs destroy, actually destroys ? I have a couple of zfs objects (don't know what they are), remaining from an old Coral install, that I'm tempted to remove. NAS/.vm_cache 45.7M 8.77T 176K /mnt/NAS/.vm_cache NAS/.vm_cache/boot2docker 45.5M...
  3. T

    Multipath Disks and Disks

    I am using a iXsystems Certified FreeNAS device. One of the most common annoyances I have run into is when trying to use a disk that was once used in another FreeNAS box. Of course whenever I do a Google search on what to do I run into the typical stuff that you see all over this forum: Give...