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  1. cobrakiller58

    Micron 4TB and 1TB

    Okay I just happened to stumble onto this and can't believe it 1TB $77.76 https://eshop.macsales.com/item/Micron/AK960TCB1A/?utm_source=affiliate&utm_campaign=cj&cjevent=287b5ce19dd311e982f001b50a240613 4TB $317.76...
  2. JoshDW19

    Sweet Deal on an SSD Boot Device

    If you're looking to grab an SSD to use as a FreeNAS Boot Device these 120 GB Kingston SSDs are only $19.99 right now. Does anyone have any experience with these particular drives?
  3. farmerpling2

    Price Watching - Share a Good Deal

    The purpose of this thread will be to share pricing information to the forum membership at large. Some of us did this late last year (2017) and it was helpful to the forum membership to find good deal. I have been publishing the Resource Guide for disk drives at...