1. P

    FreeNAS as vSphere datastore

    Hi, I am currently searching for manuals / documentation on how to use a freenas server as datastore for vmware. iscsi works great - but would nfs be better? Are there settings I should use? And how can I use the vmware snaphots? Is there any up to date tutorial/blogpost/manual/documentation...
  2. F

    SOLVED RAID1 Mirror detached and attach not possible

    Hi everyone, Tomorrow I see on my FreeBSD interface that my raid 1 is degraded because one disc is failed. My mainboard a gigabyte j1900 support hot swap on Sata ports. Then i change the failed drive (hot swapped) and i connect a new clean formatted disc without partitions. The new clean...
  3. Vidis

    Hardware RAID controller as a SLOG device?

    Hi again! I’m back on the track of implementing FreeNAS as my primary storage for my lab environment. The previous thread where we discussed my setup and the possible solutions that I wanted to implement is at this location...
  4. L

    Cisco UCS server for ESXi datastore | 3.5 vs 2.5inch disks.

    Hi, I would like to build NAS for ESXi datastore, but I'm not sure which configuration would be best for this. It must be Cisco UCS server, so there is two option for the config: 1. UCS 240M4 with 10x3.5 10TB 7.2k disks + 2x800GB for ZIL and 1x800 Intel p3700 for L2ARC 2. UCS 240M4 with 22x2.5...