1. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    Best way to add DAS / external disks to a Microserver?

    I'm currently planning my next big server disk upgrade and I'd like some advice on the best way to go about it given various criteria. I have two FreeNAS servers. "X10" is my primary server and "Gen8" is the backup. Their specs are as follows. Primary server, aka "X10" FreeNAS 9.10.2-U5...
  2. nemisisak

    Expanding system

    Hello, My existing system is in my sig. I wish to increase my storage capacity with another 10 disk pool. Thinking about the situation I see that I have four options (if you can think of a better option please do say): 1) Just replace existing 10 disk pool with larger capacity disks 2) Build...
  3. R

    Disks or HW Failing for DAS

    I've been running this DAS box for years now, and only after I upgraded to FreeNAS11 and now having problems (coincidence?). I have since detached the volume for da11-da21 and also removed another volume with 8? 8TB disks which have also been having issues (I think staying connected or even...
  4. K

    Direct Attached Storage: what would I need for it?

    Hi, I'm a total noob when it comes to "enterprise" (dc) hardware and peripherals. So I know that I want to extend my NAS capacity, and I could install one of those fancy LSI controllers. There's no space inside anymore, that's why I'm looking for an external solution. From the SAS basics...
  5. Robert76

    NAS & DAS in ONE

    Hi, I'm building FreeNAS that should play the following roles: a) Media server with Plex b) NAS for iMac and MAcBook Prod TimeMachine backups c) storage for movies for PLex d) storage for private movies from camera, photos e) host for dockers containers (php-fpm, mariadb, nginx, php-my-admin...
  6. Isuress

    Recommended HBA to use for x2 HP StorageWorks MSA60, 28 HDDs, with a HP DL320G6 for FreeNAS 9.10?

    TL;DR - What HBA would you suggest for a HP DL320G6 that will be running FreeNAS 9.10, connected to x2 MSA60s, with x12 1TB drives (24 total), with room to expand to 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB drives in the future as well as adding potentially a 3rd and 4th MSA60? - - - - - I don't have that much...