1. F

    M1015 to IT Mode again and again

    Hey there, right away: I know there are already plenty of Posts reguarding this topic. I my self did allready flash a similar contoller for my last TrueNas build but now I am totaly stuck. Short: I do get the classic "No LSI SAS adapters found!" if I try to use any sas2flsh commands in the...
  2. S

    Dell H310 flashing to IT mode Issues

    I purchased a Dell PERC H310 off eBay with the idea of expanding the drives in my HP Microserver Gen8 after doing a fair amount of digging on here and finding that the general consensus was these are pretty cost effective and work great in IT mode. I then headed over to mattr's tutorial here...
  3. Vincent Saelzler

    Walkthrough: Crossflash Dell PERC H310

    I hope my personal experience on this is helpful for others! I utilized OCR software to capture some of the command outputs in text format. That's something which generally seem to be missing from forum posts on this topic. A Dell PERC H310 was flashed, using a Dell PowerEdge R720xd. Software...
  4. S

    Perc H310 crossflash to IR mode

    Hi All. I know, that this is not the way you like it, I know. But I cant find any other place with peoples familiar so much with Perc H310 crossflashing. I bought an old controller and wanted to use it to build raid 5 in my windows machine. I had some problems with it, it hung every time just a...
  5. M

    Cross Flashed Dell H200 - Faulty?

    Hi Guys So I've been putting together a new nas system, including a cross flashed dell h210. When connecting via the SAS card, I can import my old pool, and it can see disks / smartmon tools etc happily, but I see things like the below: pool: mystorage state: ONLINE status: One or more...