cpu temp

  1. Nitro626

    FreeNAS-11.1-U7 Netdata adding cpu temp to System Overview

    Hi all, I finally got this working, SHH in to FreeNAS with WinSCP navigate to /usr/local/share/netdata/web/index.html copy the index file for editing (Rename the original index so you can go back if needed) open index.html in notepad or html editor Ctrl F and search cpu in the mainHead section...
  2. D

    CPU Critical Temperature Alerts in Daily Security Run

    Beginning with the 11.2 upgrade almost every day I get a "local security run" email with critical temperature detected messages on one or more cores like the following: > coretemp3: critical temperature detected, suggest system shutdown > coretemp2: critical temperature detected, suggest system...
  3. D

    Low ARC Hit Ratio

    I been wondering around the forum, looking for info on the ARC hit ratios, but have not found what I am looking for... I am getting the following reports, but I am uncertain if this means that I should install more RAM? Currently I have 16GB in my setup. I am also a bit concerned about...
  4. A

    CPU Temp Reporting LARGE difference: IPMI/BIOS vs. FreeNAS - Supermicro X11 SSL-F & Intel E3 1245 v6

    Hi All, Since there are a number of people that know the Supermicro X11 series motherboards I hope that you guys can help, but I wouldn't call this a FreeNAS problem per se since I personally believe that FreeNAS is the only thing on the machine reporting the correct CPU temp... I build a...
  5. Z

    Cron Job Creating Odd File

    Hi all! So I've been trying to create a cron job to output CPU temperature and a timestamp to a text file for logging. I have the following script written, and the commands work as expected when run in the shell separately, but when run in the cron job, the output for DATE goes into a file...