1. gegtor

    Can I use FreeNAS Corral? (+ other questions)

    Hi guys i come here as ultra unhappy unRAID 6 client and want to ask some questions :) Here are they Can i use FreeNAS Corral? is it okay to use for few VM's and basic file sharing? (i want FreeNAS Corral because of UI) How good AFP shares work in FreeNAS? i have few Mac's and 2 Pc's and my...
  2. Brer

    Migrating Arch Linux VM from Corral to FN11

    I'm trying to get the Arch Linux VM I created using FN10(Corral) to run from FN11 but I'm not getting past the boot loader as it can't find the relevant boot files. The VM was created with a GRUB boot loader by default and there was no option to switch to UEFI when creating from the GUI in...
  3. N

    Jails von FreeNAS 9.10 auf 10 => Migration, Tipps

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe schon einige Monate immer wieder Nightlies in VMs von FreeNAS getestet und war (und bin) immer noch über die Verbesserungen erstaunt. Ich würde gerne nun umsteigen und ein Upgrade fahren. Leider habe ich an die 8 Jails, von welchen 2 die Konfiguration extrem...