connection refused

  1. J

    UPS service stopped but /var/log/messages still loaded with upsmon messages

    Greetings, All - I searched the forum and did not se anything resembling my question. We are running FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b) on a Virtual Machine. (I know this is not recommended.) Since it's running on a VM, our UPS service is Stopped and "Start on boot" is disabled. However...
  2. apollothethird

    No web ui on fresh install

    Can someone advise me what is missing on my install. I tried the install on a normal computer as well as a VirtualBox and get the same results. I booted the iso image of FreeBSD-11.2-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso, using nothing but defaults. I didn't pick any of the service options during the...
  3. fajung

    SOLVED UPS Lyonn CTB 800V connection refused

    Hello, yesterday I bought an a Lyonn CTB-800 UPS, to prevent any damages when the energy is cut off, which is quite often around here, especially during summer seasons. well, did a litle researh which ups I could buy, and found the ups supported list
  4. filontheroad

    Strange Connection Refused message in Console

    Hello, I set up a newly built of the FreeNAS Version 11-1-STABLE-Release. Everything worked smoothly and when I checked my Console in the footer I found this strange WARNING: daemon[6045]: 2018/01/17 01:28:39 [WARN] agent: socket connection failed 'localhost:65535': dial tcp [::1]:65535...
  5. ivyfpop

    Connection Refused to all jails/plugins

    Hey all, I use FreeNas 9.10 to host the newest version of SyncThing through the plugin system. Everything worked perfectly up until yesterday about mid-day. I did not change any settings to SyncThing or FreeNas relatively prior to this bug's occurance. The bug: Whenever I try to ssh or access...
  6. B

    Web GUI not working, plugins are fine

    The web gui gives me connection refused after moving house. The plugins start up automatically without issue. - I can ping the box fine. - There is nothing in /var/log/messages after my attempts to use the web GUI or ssh - Port 20 does not seem to be listening according to netstat. - I've...