cloud storage

  1. Convict

    Rclone v1.45 with FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6

    Hi, To begin with let me clarify that my knowledge to FreeNAS is very limited. I want to use Rclone v1.45 with FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 but i can't make it work. I'm testing it in a vm environment which comes from fresh install plus one extra Striped VDev of 20GB for testing purposes. Lets start...
  2. L

    Cloud Credentials/Cloud Sync - Google Drive

    Hey all, I was wondering if we could get more information on how to configure Cloud Credentials for Google Drive? I know it's new functionality so the documentation is sparse. I'm sure I'm missing something really silly or making everything overly complicated but I've tried the following to get...
  3. M

    Use rsync to back up to OVH Cloud Archive

    Hi all, I am currently investigating all kinds of options to back up my FreeNAS to some cloud cold storage. I ended up testing OVH Cloud Archive since it seems pretty straight forward in terms of pricing. However, they currently do not offer rsync via ssh at the moment. Thus a password needs...
  4. C

    Is the S3 target by Minio license free?

    I think the S3 target powered by Minio is absolutely fantastic and I am starting to build S3 cloud storage services with it. I know that Minio has a commercial license for their version but what about the FreeNAS version? Is there a capacity limit I can use with the Minio S3 target? Is there a...
  5. A

    Best practices / Best Way to Build a Private Cloud Environment with FreeNAS

    Hi people. I already read a lot of posts in FreeNAS forums in more than 3 or 4 years that I'm here, I've already read a lot of documentation of ZFS, FreeNAS, Storages, but I never close my mainly doubt about what is a best way to build a private cloud environment using FreeNas(ZFS) and Windows...
  6. A

    mega integration

    Hello; I am trying to get my FreeNAS machine to sync a specific folder locally with my mega account but have not been able to find much in the way of guidance. Has anyone been successful in setting up mega on FreeNAS? Help well received. Thanks for your time; Andy
  7. D

    New to Home NAS systems - Want something for Cloud storage

    I use a NAS device at work, but I did not set it up, nor have I ever had to set one up. I am looking into getting a custom system at home for storage and backup but unsure of certain things. I want to try out FreeNAS because of all the awesome things that I have heard, but what I am shooting...
  8. T

    NextCloud Setup Instructions

    Hello all FreeNAS 9.10 and need some help with the setup instructions for NextCloud in FreeNAS. I know FreeNAS has a plugin for OwnCloud but with the bad reviews of OwnCloud and the recent split and closure of OwnCloud I wanted to go with the new fork NewCloud. Steps I have taken so far are to...