1. adrianTNT

    Need advice on Dell R710 config, raid H700 card

    Hello. I have this server that I plan to make it a storage server for 2-3 other servers and mount shares from it with CIFS/SAMBA. I didn't yet decided if I will run FreeNas or is better to install Centos/Ubuntu and manually configure shares... Would this next scenario work ? Should I expect...
  2. kevanbrown

    How to Create a Linux (CentOS) Jail

    Forgive me for my noobness with this question, but I've only ever dealt with FreeBSD-based jails. I need to create a Linux jail using CentOS and have no idea where to start with the process. Of course, if there was a wonderful, pre-created template for iocage I could just fetch, that'd be...
  3. A

    Which Linux Distro to use on VM

    I'm a Windows user who had dabbled with Linux and Hackintosh and I am wondering what the consensus is as to which distro to run in a VM? CentOS / UBUNTU / Linux Mint Any to stay away from?
  4. GTCG

    Running website on VM, but cannot access it internally and externally

    Hello I've been trying to get a Codius server up and running on my Freenas via this guide: https://medium.com/codius/how-to-run-your-own-codius-host-42e13afe1fb2 Freenas is running on a HP Proliant server gen8, with 16 GB of RAM. I am using a virtual machine with CENTOS7 installed on it to set...
  5. J

    [How-To] Cloning new instances of a template VM for BHYVE

    Background The use-case is rather straight forward. Rather than installing BHYVE VM instances from scratch every time, it would be nice to be able to configure once, and then clone to new VM instances every time we make a new deployment. I spend a few days researching this topic, and testing...
  6. Vincent Danen

    Virtualized Linux guest in FreeNAS 9.10 using iohyve

    Hey folks. I wrote a blog post about using iohyve on FreeNAS 9.10 a few days ago and it was indicated to me that I should probably share it with the fine folks in this forum. Nothing spectacular aside from the fact that it allows you to install CentOS 7 as a guest where the iohyve github page...
  7. M

    Different "Authorized Access"groups for iSCSI not working

    Hi, I'm using FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 for iSCSI targets on several boxes. I'm configuring various initiators and various targets using these initiators. This works fine as long as i use the same "Authorized Access Group" for all targets. As soon as is try to use another "Authorized Access" group...
  8. V

    Bacula plugin for backing up CentOS 7/ Ubuntu machine

    Hi, I want to take the backup of my CentOS 7 / Ubuntu data on FreeNAS 9.10 stable. I've created NFS share(service enabled) for the same & installed Bacula sd 5.2.12_3 plug in(enabled). Can you please guide me what needs to be done next to proceed for backup.