building a nas

  1. lightheat

    First FreeNAS-in-ESXi build -- going the used E5 route.

    Hi gang, I read over the hardware recommendations guide and have tentatively pieced together what I think is a reasonable build. I have the HDDs and the case; the rest I have yet to order, pending opinions. I'm no stranger to IT, and given my desire to make full use of the hardware, I'd like to...
  2. ajeje_brazo

    compact (and aesthetically pleasing/professional looking) NAS case with 6-8 hot swap bays

    I'm looking for a case for my home NAS. I'm thinking about 6-8 drives; I don't have a specific need for hot swap drives, I just like that design. What I have in mind something that would look like a FreeNAS Mini, but unfortunately buying a pre-assembled one would exceed my current budget...
  3. E

    First time FreeNAS system build list help.

    Hello Everyone, I put together a list of parts based off some other builds I've seen for my first Freenas build. The link will be below to my full list. I am looking for advice on if my system will be able to support my goals and if all the parts are compatible before I purchase it. My goals...
  4. B

    FreeNAS First Build - 32TB - Backup/Sync/Media server

    Hi, This month I'm building my first FreeNAS config. The goal is to have a system as quiet and economic as possible (I live in an apartment and the server will sit in the living room on a corner). I also want to have a budget below CHF 2000.- (around USD 2150). After carefully reading the...

    Test out my used FreeNAS Mini purchase

    Hi guys, I brought a used FreeNAS Mini on Ebay for about $560.00. It has missing disk trays, I am not sure what I will do about that yet... :D But my main question is how do I run test on its hardware and make sure it is still functioning? My plan is to, 1) clean it up, blow dust and wipe...
  6. C

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello everyone, I am new to the nas community and I am currently in the process of gathering parts to build my own nas. I am having some problems though, I seem to find a lot of cases, but then I have a problem finding a motherboard that I like. I need a motherboard with 8 sata ports and I...