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boot pool

  1. A

    SOLVED Boot Pool Status Is DEGRADED: But unable to identify failed Disk in Mirror ( FreeNAS-11.2-U5)

    There are two SanDisk 32GB in Boot Pool(mirrored ) , got Degraded alert. But unable to identify the failed disk from the information from GUI/terminal ! The point where I stuck is : actually /dev/da0p2 & /dev/da1p2 are the disks ( refer 1st Screenshot ) , but after degradation both are...
  2. Constantin

    Boot drive mirror replication question

    Good morning, As you may know, I have decided to upgrade my home system to a X10SDV-7TP4F motherboard that features two SATADOM connectors. I currently possess the OEM-supplied SATADOM (32GB?) that came with my Mini XL as well as two new 64GB Supermicro SATADOMs that I would like to use with...