1. AliceShadowRose

    Hello @ all from Vienna

    My FreeNAS server Specs: Motherboard : Gigabyte Ram : 12GB Intel Chip : I5-2400 HDD WD Red NAS : 1TB will be 12 in the end
  2. itskando

    SOLVED Introductory questions : j

    I built a NAS and installed FreeNAS, and now I'm looking for a few pointers in the right direction. I have a macOS laptop, and I'll likely eventually purchase a Windows desktop. • I'd like to be able to interface with the NAS universally (through any operating system). • I'd like to backup...
  3. Sokonomi

    Jails or VM?

    Ive been scoping out options on how to do what I want, and I keep hearing 2 distinct options; Jails, or a VM. For jails I see there are some negatives; mainly 'don't bother with native plugins because the updates are slow', and 'Jails are annoying with permissions on new files'. For VMs there...
  4. Sokonomi

    NAS on a dime; Build review

    Hi all, I'm new to the scene, and after some finnicking around with FreeNAS on a virtual machine I wanted to finally step into the wonderful world of NAS. After spending most of my life dealing with VMs and crappy windows boxes to do my dirty work, I figured it was time to step it up a notch...
  5. Sokonomi

    sabNZBd installation woe's.

    Hello All, First id like to state that I admire the amount of patience you all can muster to work with this, because as my first time using freeBSD, this has been a harrowing ride sofar. :') What I am trying to do is install the sabNZBd plugin. I have tried following this tutorial, but sadly I...
  6. T

    FreeNAS Beginner questions relating build/other stuff

    Hi all, I'm in need of a NAS for photo/video storage and was initially planning on buying a pre-built NAS, but after a bit of research found I can repurpose my old PC as a NAS for substantially less money, and it'll be a fair bit more powerful using the magic of FreeNAS. Before i jump in and...