1. R

    What is everyone doing for backup now days?

    So for the last few months I've been getting those dreaded emails from CrashPlan Pro telling me nothing is getting backed up but I've been busy. I knew the PC (old desktop I had running for the backup instance) had some issues and just hadn't gotten around to it. Today I put up another...
  2. T

    Restoring from Backblaze B2

    I am totally new to freenas (and non-windows operating systems) so please be patient with my ignorance and mistakes. I recently built a freenas server to host all my families data (movies, pictures, general files, etc). I have 1 pool with about 8 datasets that are shared across my network as...
  3. jkstark

    Cloud sync enable/disable

    So, playing with 11.2beta-1, and set up a cloud sync to Backblaze. Didn't really think much of it, and left it at defaults, meaning a continuous sync - which then ended up using up all my Class C requests. My thought was to go in and disable cloud sync temporarily, reset the run times, and...
  4. DigitalADHD

    Backblaze B2 Scheduling / rclone

    Hello everyone, I have a question about Backblaze b2, but maybe a newb question about rclone in general. I have set up my B2 cloud provider, and everything is setup correctly (to my knowledge) and is backing up. My question is, the job doesn't seem to stop after it exceeds the time I allowed...
  5. Eric Schrauth

    Can't add Cloud Credentials

    Fresh install of FreeNAS 11.1. Try to add Cloud Credentials. Get popup that says "Sorry, an error occurred". Want to add Credentials for B2.