1. R

    ASRock X470D4U board IPMI config misunderstanding

    Dear all, I've installed a X470D4U board in my server which operates TrueNAS. This is a great board but I must admit that I'm totally lost about how to manage IPMI board... Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this board has 3 NIC : 1 IPMI NIC for management, and 2 other boards. My intention...
  2. T

    c2750 dead and no encryption key

    Hi, I have an asrock C2750 d4i which has given up - I'm now aware of the issues facing these boards but I was bought in 2015 so I doubt I will get an RMA. Also, I have not got the encryption key backed up (yes I know you dont have to say anything I was bloody stupid)... Theoretically if the...
  3. L

    ASROCK E3C224D2I

    Hi, I've just bought this board and I've had problem with it. It kept halting at "System initializing..." and I even coudl't get to bios. The board did not respond to nothing no beepcodes no keyboard shortcuts I even tried to leave just the vga cable connected but nothing, swapped harddrives...
  4. A

    Threadripper 1920x and general noob questions

    I'm new to FreeNAS, read most of the documentation, but still confused when it comes to selecting the right hardware. I have stumbled upon an offer for a - AMD Threadripper 1920x - Asrock X399 Taichi Socket TR4 I suppose these are good for a FreeNAS build for domestic usage, but I'd really...
  5. A

    C2750D4I startup problems... not the only person apparently

    Hi all, Somehow I managed to spend a lot of money on my C2750D4I board without doing enough research and finding out it was probably a bad idea. I am a complete novice (which might wind one or two people on here up a bit) I have built couple of PCs in my time, but some of the terms I've read...
  6. S

    Old pc parts to NAS

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking on making a NAS for personal things. It will be for torrent, plex, and storage. ASROCK G41M-VS3 R2.0 + E8400 + 8 Gb ram + pendrive for OS + 1 Tb for data Other config is Gigabyte GA-EP43-S3L + xeon e5462 my pior would be the ASROCK + E8400 because of the size of...
  7. m0nkey_

    PSA: Java 8 Update 131 breaks ASRock's IPMI Virtual console

    UPDATE November 16th 2017: It appears that ASRock have pushed out several BMC updates for the affected boards. Check the support page for your motherboard to see if it's available for you. The latest Java 8 Update 131 breaks ASRock's IPMI Virtual console. Please do not update Java if you wish...
  8. JoshDW19

    ASRock Rack C2750D4I BMC / Watchdog Issue

    iXsystems is proud to provide our customers the best enterprise storage systems and support. As part of our ongoing support, we have verified an issue with the firmware on the ASRock Rack C2750D4I mainboard in the FreeNAS Mini which affects the Board Management Controller, or BMC. The BMC...
  9. O

    ASRock C2550D4I not working

    Hello! after 15 month in production server NO POST, NO VGA OUTPUT , just IPMI working and cant start my server , i change the RAM and Powersuplay but still same problem . if i change my motherboard , will i lose all data ??? can i fix this problem ? br Oka