asrock e3c236d2i

  1. Wisdom

    E3C236D2I and I2C, or wrangling the rack

    I think I'm making some dumb mistakes here, and would love a little oversight. I pick up an SC-846, moved my FreeNAS build over (take a gander), and am trying to tame the fan wall. Ideally, I'd slave the fans to the drive temps, but if nothing else, I would like them to be variable. As it...
  2. TheWoo

    CPU suggestion for Plex@FreeNAS? – Better than Intel Core i3-4370?

    FreeNAS Version#: 11.2-U5 Plex Server Version#: I run the latest Plex Server on FreeNAS, which is using an ASRock E3C226D2I motherboard with Intel Core i3-4370 | (CPUBenchmarknet) | (CPUMonkey), 16 GB RAM and 6 pcs. WD Blue 5 TB HDDs. Booting from SanDisk 32 GB USB-Stick (with...
  3. J

    BUILD asrock E3C236D2I vs EPC612D4I help

    Hello all, After a lot of reading I’ll start building my FreeNas system. I’m hesitating between two motherboards (Mini Itx is a must) I’ll mention the price of hardware because I think it’s little bit different here in France. My usage will be for backups mainly, some shares maybe transcoding...
  4. W

    My first NAS parts (starting again from scratch)

    Thoughts and comments are appreciated. Criticism is welcome also.[/SPOILER] Sorry for the huge edit. after reading some replies, I decided to start again from scratch. Why aren't Asus boards recommended?