1. L

    nfs access remotely

    Hi Dear; Can anybody help me out how to configure free nas share nfs over public IP? I can mount 100% successful within my local network to any of my centos 7. However, i can't mount from my other centos 7 out of my network. Below is my command: local: mount -t nfs...
  2. T

    Need Help with Sharing

    Good evening, I hope you can help me. Yesterday I screwed up everything again what I can screw up. I tried Webdav wich also worked, only when switching back to SMB Back worked nothing at all. I am indeed shown that I have full access but I can not see my whole files, but if i watching in the...
  3. J

    foutieve nextcloud installatie

    Beste allemaal, ik ben sinds ongeveer een maand bezig met Freenas om thuis een kleine nas op te zetten. Als mooie aanvulling om mijn bestanden van buiten af te benaderen zag ik Nextcloud staan bij plugins. na een aantal pogingen blijft de installatie steeds hangen op: [EFAULT] Exception...
  4. P

    Access to 1 folder with 2 users from different groups, Urgent!!

    Hi, I'm new here, would you help me with a problem? We are a mini company, with departments: Management, purchases, sales. Users in Management: Maria. Users in Shopping: Jeimy, Tom. Users in Sales: Cammy, Tim. Each user has a private folder that only the user can access (Maria, Jeimy, Tom...
  5. N

    How do I unbind the GUI from a VLAN?

    I just set up a number of VLANs, and I want to prevent all clients on one VLAN from accessing the GUI. How can I do this? I don't see anything in the manual, and I flipped through the tabs and I don't see anything.
  6. V

    FreeNAS11 - set rights to share best practise

    Hello i have a question about share access, how to do it the right way. share_Data user | group a | home b | home user a should have read write access all group home user should have read access how to do it ? user a should also have access to other shares too Thanks for a hint how to...
  7. Hans Baumeister

    Can't write to AFP shares (arg!)

    Okay, this is really annoying and I hope someone can help: I have a bunch of datasets that I'm sharing via AFP (only). The issue is: no matter what I do in setting the ownership of the datasets or the access rights via the shares, I am unable to create, for example, new directories (or delete...