1. L

    Update to 9.10 fails loading into grub prompt

    Running stable branch on HP Microserver G8 and upgraded to 9.10 from FreeNAS GUI. Update succeeded but upon reboot it boots to grub prompt (hence no menu) and fails to load FreeNAS. Is there any way to retrieve and load last good known configuration? Been running FreeNAS for few years but still...
  2. Stelios Diamantis

    Cannot update 9.3 to 9.10 - GUI upgrade stuck at "Installing base-os (1/5)"

    Hi all, today I've tried to upgrade my 9.3 to 9.10 through GUI. I did exactly what the "User Guide" suggests, changing the train to "FreeNAS-2.10-Stable" but the upgrade process stuck at 20% Installing base-os (1/5). The freenas-update check output is: Verify command =...
  3. J

    Upgrade to 9.10 - Kernel Panic with 4 Nic's installed

    Hello All, We have been using FreeNAS for the past year to help us handle RAW Video Assets during Post Production. Basically a big "Bit Bucket" to keep assets on a Nearline storage system and off of the high performance SAN until needed. This is the first time I am posting on the forums but...
  4. OctaneZ

    Unreleased 9.10-Stable Release causing new errors: '/usr/local/lib/libstatgrab.so'

    It looks like I got bitten by the non-release-Release, it was up for a few days, as I tried to do it last night, August 2nd, and I always do the check again and verify before proceeding. Also, this seems to be related to commit: *-os--b43d150ccdcfc05a5811403b58d870cc for whomever is debugging...