1. IanWor

    HELP! Freenas 11.1-U2 stuck at zpool set cachefile=...

    Hi all Hope you can help me here. I rebooted my FreeNas 11.1-U5 system and it is now sitting at: command: zpool import -c /data/zfs/zpool.cache.saved -o cachefile=none -R /mnt - command: zpool set cachefile=/data/zfs/zpool.cache DriveSpace Any ideas? Thanks Ian
  2. M

    cannot rollback to U4 after updating to 11.1 U5

    Hi all, I've decided to update my FreeNAS 11.1 from U4 to U5. I've had a lot of issues so I wanted to roollback to U4. so from the web UI went to System > Boot, select U4 and set it to activate. It does say Active on reboot but it is not loaded when I reboot from Web UI. it keeps loading U5...
  3. M

    How best to create Jails in 11.1-U5?

    So 11.1-U5 removed the beta UI. Which means that creating and managing iocage jails simply through the UI is now out of the question. The Warden templates broke a while ago in a previous 11.1 update; so creating new Warden based jails is pretty broken too. So... is there really no alternative...