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Uncle Fester's TrueNAS Beginner's Guide

User @UncleFester, some time ago, wrote a thorough beginner's guide for setup of FreeNAS 9.10. It seemed to me like something that belonged on a more permanent, and user-editable, location, so with his permission I wiki-fied the guide and have been hosting it on my server. I've recently update it to match the GUI for TrueNAS CORE 13. The guide can be found at:

I hope it will continue to be helpful.

As "wiki" suggests, this site is open for edits--feel free to register for an account to add/edit/update. I have recently deleted several hundred spam accounts (before I implemented better verification mechanisms), and it's possible I got a few legitimate accounts in the process. If I deleted your account inadvertently, my apologies--just recreate it and you'll be good to go.
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  1. Update for TrueNAS CORE

    I hadn't done much with this guide for quite a while, as changes to the UI have been minimal...

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