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TrueCharts 21.04 Rework

We're glad to announce we've completed our work for TrueNAS SCALE RC1.
Last month we spend considerable time making it even easier of creators of Helm Charts to port their work to TrueNAS SCALE and, to put the cherry on top, we've ported a whole lot of new Apps for you
! Some of the Apps in question might still need some polish, which we expect to get to during RC1.

We've also increased our team by adding a dedicated headmoderator and forming a dedicated group of moderators focussing on supporting our users. We expect this to significantly improve the experience!

As Release becomes near, we released a new roadmap towards TrueNAS SCALE "Anglefish" RELEASE, but also including our general direction towards the TrueNAS SCALE "BlueFin" BETA.

We wish everyone the best during TrueNAS SCALE RC1, if you have any issue, please reach out to us on discord as always!

Important notice: Please be aware: Some users might need to update to the last version of the old "major" (first digit) release of some TrueCharts App, before updating to the latest version!
Sadly enough, while moving to a new project structure, we stumbled on a severe bug with our postgresql implementation which, if not fixed, might lead to dataloss for our users.
We've been able to mostly mitigate the issue, however this has some important consequences:
1. Gitea will need to be reinstalled from scratch
2. Some Apps might throw an error during updating, this can safely be ignored
3. After 25-10-2021, users might need to first install the last version of the previous Master release (first number in version) before being able to install new versions

We're sorry for the inconvience this yet again causes, but we needed to make big steps to get ready for RC quality releases, which are now (mostly) done.
About 36 hours ago we got a report that an update broke the SCALE Apps UI
About 20 hours ago we found the issue, issued a release which fixed the issue and
About 19 hours ago we also posted steps to repair the broken interface on our Discord.

The issue:
The issue was due to us removing a technically optional file from our Apps, which the UI code in-fact did rely on in SCALE 21.08 (Said code has been refactored by iX systems for 21.10).

Both our own Health Checks and the Health Checks by iX systems, all did not take into account that the UI depended on said file.

The Fix:
To fix the SCALE UI you need to do either of 2 things, depending on weither your UI broke during an update or during a new install:
A. RollBack using the command line
B. Delete the App using the command line.

Steps for both are posted on our Discord and website accordingly.
Be sure to also refresh your catalog afterwards.

If you hit this issue less than 20 hours ago, a little word of warning:
Always refresh your catalog before installing or updating.
Today we've pushed a last series of App updates and branched-off our TrueNAS SCALE 21.06 BETA release.
This means we started, today onwards, only supporting TrueNAS SCALE 21.08 BETA. We also will not accept bugreports for TrueNAS SCALE 21.06 BETA anymore.

A short recap of the progres we made during the 21.06 BETA.
- Worked hard on adding tutorial video's to our youtube channel
- Completely restructured our manual to include many quick-start guides.
- Completely restructured our Trains to limit them to 2 trains + library train
- Readded external services
- Added an incubator App for Authelia for testing
- Added our own Postgresql App and Helm Chart
- Added supplementalgroup options to a lot of apps AND automatically set the required groups when using GPU's or Devices.
- Added more securityContext options to all apps.
- Changed our logo's everywhere
- Restructued our community away from maintainers towards awarding all types of contributors
- Fixed many bugs both reported by the community and discovered by ourselves.

And **many** more things....

We still have a long way to go till release, but we are getting there.
Thank your for your trust!
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Starting today we've started releasing simple quick start guides on our Youtube channel.
Expect a new guide to be released each day for the comming weeks!

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Soon 21.06BETA will release and TrueCharts is ready for you!

We spend a long time polishing and perfecting our Apps, while completely reworking our most inner workings. This means we have a completely new GUI layout, which exposes as many features available with Kubernetes/Helm as possible.

But we didn’t forget the novices!
We also wend over every single app and have ensured every App should be as completely functional as possible with just the default settings.

Please be aware that the newest App versions are not compatible with previous versions of the Apps and you can sadly enough not upgrade. They all require a clean reinstall.

Please also be aware that while Ingress is finished, we are still working on completely rewrithing the Traefik App, as we are separating Traefik from the Ingress settings inside the individual Apps. There might be some breaking changes between 21.06 and 21.08 and we are sorry for any inconvenience!

We also want to announce our new Community Manager:
@StavrosMadK aka Stavros Kois

He will take on most of the tasks related to handling support requests and feedback for TrueCharts.

We wish all of you the best working with TrueCharts Apps!
We will soon push the new major (aka "first version number") versions for all Apps, these updates are breaking changes and require a complete reinstall.

They will also not contain Ingress form the start, as they are completely redesigned, with more flexibility in mind. We'll slowly test them and add features in the weeks to come before 21.06BETA is launched.

With these new versions, we hope to enable everyone, from newby to poweruser to be able to setup a decently working SCALE Apps based system.

We worked hard to ensure that they should all be somewhat functional with default settings and work hard to enable you to customize them to your wishes.
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Today we've released a github "template" catalog.

This template can used to setup your own basic catalog with just one click.
With basic testing and structure already included, ready to rock!
Today i'm proud to announce that we've released the new version of TrueCharts, which is completely reworked and adapted for TrueNAS SCALE 21.04.

Please be aware:
The new version is not compatible with TrueNAS SCALE 21.02. The old version is still available but under another branch named "legacy_21.02ALPHA"

We modified a total of more than 40.000 rows of code and tried to fix all bug that where reported. Many thanks to those of you that did report bugs and request features.

Some highlights:
- Removed our own certificate manager
- Integrated support for the TrueNAS SCALE integrated certificate manager (with special thanks to @waqarahmed for bugtracing many issues)
- Dynamic "portal" buttons, that point to the right address depending on Reverse-Proxy or NodePort settings
- Split the Apps into "Stable" and "incubator" "trains", depending on if we have a maintainer for them
- Introducing our own Apps for many container (with special thanks to the k8s-at-home community)
- Complete rewrite of our "Ingress" and "Service" code
- Removal of some cases that lead to App deletion getting stuck
- Significant updates to documentation and website
- Big increase in the coverage of some of our tests
- Significantly faster CI for PR testing
- Some new Apps (special thanks to @StavrosMadK and @djs52 )
- Significant testing and polishing
- Moving all our code and documentation to a single repository (mono-repo)

The future:
In the following two weeks, we'll continue working on polishing the code for 21.04 release.
Besides we will start working on our 21.06 milestone, which is support for Apps that consume/require databases.

This also means you can now start basing your PR's or forks on our Master branch again. As the "staging" branch will be depricated and removed, untill needed again for breaking changes.

Many thanks for your trust and patience!
After a week of hard work, we can finally announce:
TrueCharts Containers

While there are many great container sources available, it often happens those are either:
- Are not compatible with native K8S securityContexts
- Contain bloat
- Use weird versioning schemes

Using external containers, also makes it harder for us to ensure everything works as promised. As we can't ensure the containers stay online and are tested enough before being released.

By creating some of our containers ourselves( with much inspiration, collaboration and help from the K8S-At-Home Community) we hope to ensure for a stable foundation for our charts!

Our new containers will be first used in our 21.04 release, nicknamed "TrueCharts2.0" which includes a total rewrite and redesign of our core components. All because if the great feedback from the community... You!
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