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TrueCharts is a catalog of highly optimized TrueNAS SCALE Apps.

All our apps are supposed to work together, be easy to set up using the TrueNAS UI and, above all, give the average user more than enough options to tune things to their liking.

For more information, please check out the homepage, GitHub, and/or discord!
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Latest updates

  1. Pre-Announcement: New CloudNative-PG (CNPG) Operator

    We've just released our CloudNative-PG (CNPG) operator, similair to the new MetalLB operator...
  2. Check out our all-new custom-made MetalLB Helm Chart!

    We're super stoked to announce our new way of dealing with Operators... Including our new...
  3. Traefik Changes

    As some of you might've noticed, Traefik has been a bit outdated the last few weeks. The reason...
  4. Introducing: TrueCharts Stop-All

    Previously we've warned users against using the stop-botton on TrueNAS SCALE. At the same time...
  5. Updates recontinued, common-migration mostly done

    New news announcement is up:

Latest reviews

Been my go to for apps since I started with SCALE
A comprehensive library of charts with consistent Kubernetes implementation and several enhancements that makes TrueNAS clearly better than alternatives.
Comprehensive library and great support, makes using Truenas so much simpler.
A large and growing collection of applications that are straightforward to install and work well together.
Very complete and simple to use catalog
Extremely complete and large app catalog for SCALE
A welcome and much-needed replacement to plugins on FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE. Thank you!