TrueCharts 2023 Common

We've just released our CloudNative-PG (CNPG) operator, similair to the new MetalLB operator chart we posted about earlier.

While the news announcement about migration, is still being processed...
It's important to note that new-users, will have to install the CloudNative-PG chart from the Operators train, before installing any charts with Postgresql databases.

In the future we will show an error if the CloudNative-PG chart is not yet installed, but for now we want to keep things backwards compatible for current users as well.
We're super stoked to announce our new way of dealing with Operators... Including our new custom-made metallb Helm Chart and SCALE App!
As some of you might've noticed, Traefik has been a bit outdated the last few weeks. The reason behind this, was a multitude of potentially breaking todo's where left and we don't want to bother users with continues manual intervention on breaking changes. By now we've fixed the remaining issues and will soon release a breaking-change release for traefik and a patch for all the charts.

Previously we've warned users against using the stop-botton on TrueNAS SCALE. At the same time we also understand, that users expect platform uniformity between Helm and SCALE. That's why we're happy to announce our own solution stop our Charts: TrueCharts Stop-All!
New news announcement is up:
We've recieved a report of a critical CVE in Jellyfin. The issue has since been resolved with an update and we advice users to update Jellyfin as soon as possible
A tad late, as this needs manual posting:

With the first 222 Apps/Charts ported to the new common, requiring an annoying reinstall on TrueNAS SCALE for those Apps, we're well under way with our big project revision.

Most of the big bugs, thank you for the reporters of those!, are solved by now and we're focussing on finish that work off later this month with a part 2.

After dropping TrueTool, use HeavyScript instead, we're also working on freeing up some more of our project time to focus on cool new features. One of the decision has been to completely drop interaction on this forum, besides infrequent updates on this resource.

We're also now at the size, users should be relatively easily be able to find us at our own socials, website, or discord without needing a reminder on other forums/chats/sub-reddits.

We've experimented last month, by limiting our presence on other discord servers and are generally very happy that this has not caused needless frustration for users at all.

So we've decided that we'll limit forum involvement to infrequent updates on this resource here on the forums!

If you've any questions, be sure to ask our support staff on Discord, they are more than willing to help you out! :)
We've moved to a nice and clean new look, check it out!
We're glad to finally have released the breaking changes to new common, including support for our new database and certificate solutions, for our enterprise train :)

Check it out:

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