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LSI 9300-xx Firmware Update

Hey Community,

If you are using an LSI 9300 HBA with FreeNAS or the soon-to-be TrueNAS CORE, you may experience some performance issues causing the controller to reset when using SATA HDDs.

After working with Broadcom, we’ve come up with a firmware update that is not available on their website that should resolve these controller reset issues. To resolve this issue for FreeNAS systems affected in the field, here are the instructions for updating the firmware to version

Please Note: This problem applies only to firmware versions below and Only affects SATA drives. SAS drives are not affected.


First, download the firmware .zip file included by clicking the Download button in the upper right corner of this resource.

Unzip the .zip file and go to the newly created firmware directory

Copy SAS9300_xx_IT.bin

cd to the directory you copied the firmware file

Run this command: sas3flash -o -f SAS9300_xx_IT.bin

Example output when flashing a 9300-8i:

root@freenas# sas3flash -o -f SAS9300_8i_IT.bin
Avago Technologies SAS3 Flash Utility
Version (2017.05.02)
Copyright 2008-2017 Avago Technologies. All rights reserved.

Advanced Mode Set

Adapter Selected is a Avago SAS: SAS3008(C0)

Executing Operation: Flash Firmware Image

Firmware Image has a Valid Checksum.
Firmware Version
Firmware Image compatible with Controller.

Valid NVDATA Image found.
NVDATA Major Version 0e.01
Checking for a compatible NVData image...

NVDATA Device ID and Chip Revision match verified.
NVDATA SubSystem Vendor and SubSystem Device ID match verified.
NVDATA Versions Compatible.
Valid Initialization Image verified.
Valid BootLoader Image verified.

Beginning Firmware Download...
Firmware Download Successful.

Verifying Download...

Firmware Flash Successful.

Resetting Adapter...
Adapter Successfully Reset.

NVDATA Version 0e.01.00.07
Finished Processing Commands Successfully.
Exiting SAS3Flash.

When the firmware update is complete, you should see the output above. If you experience any issues, please respond to this thread and I will pass the feedback to our Product Management Team.

Please note: To complete this process, you must reboot the system.
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