Windows 10 unable to find TrueNAS SCALE users and groups (previously worked)


Jan 28, 2024

I am unable to locate TrueNAS scale users and groups when adjusting folder permissions from Windows 10. I've been running TrueNAS Scale for a few years now with no issues previously. From windows I could go in and add, remove, or change folder permissions from Windows and it would correctly pull the users and groups defined within TrueNAS.

Recently Windows is unable to find or pull in users and groups on TrueNAS.

1. Go in like normal to adjust permissions

1 - Default users and groups.jpeg

2. It prompts for authentication

2 - Permission Elevation .jpeg

3. But doesn't update and won't find users or groups

3 - Output .jpeg

Trying to manually enter in a user name or group throws an error stating object cannot be found.

The thing is the users and groups previously set up can still authenticate and access everything, when I try to access shared folders from a asset that doesn't have my network credentials saved, I can enter them in and authenticate to the shared folders. So permissions are working, but I can't get Windows to find users and groups to update them.

I've seen a few forums hinting that something with the SID might have changed somehow which may cause this error, but I have not seen any recent posts on how to fix or come across anything definitive.

Any suggestions?