USB file system fills up

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May 29, 2011
I posted this in the other forum, but really think this may be "bug report" material. I was logging a lot of data over the past couple days as I was rsync'ing a bunch of stuff from my old NAS to the new. I started receiving hundreds of emails a day from "Cron" saying that it was trying to write what looks like graph data but that the filesystem was full. It has since taken out the web GUI because of the lack of space.

I had a very similar problem in the past when I enabled snapshots and took a bunch of them over a period of time. This seemed to cause the problem, and the only way I could resolve it with my lacking *nix knowledge was to re-install and disable snapshots.

Seems there should be some safety of letting the filesystem fill up and causing the system to be unresponsive.

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Should I create a ticket for this?
Not open for further replies.