RTL8125 + Truenas core v13 working WOL


May 26, 2020
Tested w/ TrueNAS-13.0-U5.1, w/ built in 1.96.04 driver.

Under tunables add the following as loader types

``hw.re.s5wol value:1``
``hw.re.s0_magic_packet value:1``

These are equivalent to the linux "ethtool -s interface wol g" command, setting the wol flag so it responds to magic packet when powered off.

ref: https://github.com/alexdupre/rtl_bsd_drv/issues/8#issuecomment-1859084387

In addition, the 1.99.04 version of the driver is available at https://github.com/alexdupre/rtl_bsd_drv/tree/v1.99. In testing with rtl8125/iperf3 (single thread), I notice line speed saturation is consistent. With 1.96.04 it would bounce between 2 and 2.1gbps. With 1.99.04 it pegs at 2.37gbps.

*****In further testing, 1.99.04 appears to be unstable. After a while of running iperf3 tests and moving files back and forth, the driver would just stop working. Dropping down to 1.96.04 would restore connectivity, but going back to 1.99 would not. It would take a full host (proxmox) reboot (TN installed as a vm instance under proxmox) to get 1.99 working again. Stick with either 1.96.04 or 1.98, both appear relatively stable.

Instructions for compiling - https://www.truenas.com/community/t...-8411-flapping-on-high-transfer-rates.107797/

Attached is an already compiled module for TN core 13-U5.1 (will probably work in U6 too). Extract and replace existing if_re.ko in /boot/modules.
md5: bb66184407df3f88672966ea7d8da96c


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