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Please do not run FreeNAS in production as a Virtual Machine!

Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
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Mar 25, 2012
I feel like the IT industry, outside of enterprise, is a giant case study in the dunning-kruger effect.
I tend to agree. One thing I've learned from this forum is that the people that are open to being wrong, open to different ideas than they originally thought of, and open to understanding why something is (or isn't a good idea) gets MUCH farther (and is typically much happier) with FreeNAS than the people that think they are right, know we admins are wrong, and they are out to prove it.

There is nothing wrong with being wrong. That's called an opportunity to improve and get better. If you aren't improving because you are too busy being right, you're falling behind the rest of the people that accept being wrong and improve. Guess who's resume is better and gets the better jobs?


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Mar 24, 2015
I appreciate all of the responses! As I have said, I am very open to suggestions and constructive criticism, and I am very glad for all of the support! That being said, the forums can get very scary for people, because some like to bring the fire and brimstone responses, without fully understanding the situations.

As of now, I am building 2 Freenas setups myself and helping a friend with another one. The first one will be baremetal on a 12 wide 2TB raidz2. I plan to test and learn as much as I can with this machine. It will be the first one that will be put into "home production."

Then I plan on setting my personal freenas server up on bare metal first. I plan to test and stress it a bit. Then once I feel comfortable, I plan to load freenas in Exsi on that machine with PCI pass-through via 2 M1505 sata cards. Hopefully, i can get the drives and system working identically, whether I boot from bare metal or boot via Exsi. This is my biggest goal. If this works, then I will treat the machine horribly :). I plan to bounce between baremetal and VM, pull drives, start rebuilds, reboot again, etc... Once I am convinced that the VM layer is not messing with ZFS, I will then try to install windows on Exsi and PCI pass-through a video card. Assuming this goes smoothly, my windows machine will run a mysql server and my windows media center server/DVR. All other services I plan to use freenas plugins.

Thereafter, I will help my buddy get set up with roughly the same setup. However, he also plans to run a linux based firewall too.

Does anyone have any constructive criticism or suggestions if you disagree with this plan?

As mentioned a while back, I have been running onboard intel raid 5 arrays for the past 6-7 years. Luckily, I have never lost anything, but I have had quite a few scares. This setup should be much "safer" and stable! It will also simplify my setup throughout my house.

Thanks again for all the advice.
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