Pi-Hole migration to Cobia


Sep 20, 2022
Pi-Hole question: I had been using Pi-Hole on Truenas Scale for about a year until upgrading from Bluefin to Cobia (Version:23.10.2) in February. I struggled some with Nextcloud and Syncthing after the upgrade but got both of them running without reinstalling them. Pi-Hole (TrueCharts version) on the other hand did not survive. Other apps will install OK, but since the upgrade TrueCharts and TrueNas versions of Pi-Hole will not install they both fail with the following cryptic error message.
[EFAULT] Failed to install App: Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: create: failed to create: secrets "sh.helm.release.v1.pihole.v1" is forbidden: unable to create new content in namespace ix-pihole because it is being terminated
Anyone have any ideas how to FIX this error???