Odd Error messages but don't seem correct or valid


May 18, 2015
Hi All,

Appreciate any hints from the community on this one.

First issues is a am getting a Critical Error message and the error count increasing on a drive. It's a 16TB spinning drive part of a larger pool. I am being alerted to the errors over the past 3 months. It just sounds like a failing drive. But running a long SMART over it shows no errors. So in this case how can that be, and is there a better way to run a disk test on a single drive? The drive is plugged into motherboard SATA slots not through a RAID controller. So struggling with this one.

Second issue is even weirder but searching on the forum it's not unique and I've read it's a bug but also it might not be.

I am getting a number of "Currently unreadable (pending) Sectors" across 4 discs. These 4 discs are all 4TB SSD in a RAID configuration with a 5th 4TB SSD. To all intents and purposes running SMART tests shows nothing wrong on any of them. The errors happen perhaps every few weeks sporadically. The fact that they are all 4TB SSD makes me suspicious that maybe it is something else. These are all plugged into a LSI HBA over PCI. So the question is how do I go about troubleshooting this? How can I test to see if there are physical issues with them or how to investigate?

Appreciate any ideas or heads up?