need help with Windows 10 AD authentication.

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David Sheetz

Jul 15, 2017
Tried to find a setup guide for Windows AD for version 11 of FreeNAS -11.1-RELEASE
when trying to connect to a volume set as an SMB share I can not connect.

  1. I have even enabled guest access and verified SMB service is running on Freenas.
  2. MS AD account and computer account are all verified with proper permissions for the freenas host name and service name.
  3. DNS entries and Time servers are set correctly
  4. In Freenas all advanced settings for Group Base OU and User Base OU, and site name have been set

Ultimately I want all users browse and read permissions to certain folders and domain admins full permissions to all folders.
I would like to do this without manually adding users but rather using AD groups to set folder permissions

Can anyone help please?
Not open for further replies.