need help on fine tuning windows share - accessible by all users

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Neeraj Saraf

Jun 3, 2016
Hello...I'm having issues with Windows sharing.

What I need to do is create individual Windows shares for individual users.

Here is the steps I have followed:

1. Created user named User1 with password leaving the "create a primary group for the user" checked and "create home directory" as "/nonexistent"
2. Created dataset named User1_Data with owner and group as User1
3. Changed default owner user and owner group from root to User1
4. Created Share named User1_Share at the correct path

Having done the above steps, I checked on my Windows 10 system (which i log into with my user name "Neeraj"). Unfortunately, I could see and access the shared folder and see the contents, while I could not edit. It did not ask for credentials either.

So, what I need to do is have the shared folder accessible only by User1.

Thank you
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