Memory Leak? - Swap filling up gradually, resulting in getswapspace failures [Bug reported]

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May 8, 2016
After getting notifications about getswapspace failures on my FreeNAS box, I've been looking at its swap usage more closely and noticed that it fills up gradually over a couple of days until there's nothing left. Noticing a spike last night at 3 a.m., knowing that that's the time my VM runs a ~350MB backup to an NFS mounted dataset, I tried copying some data from the VM to the same NFS mounted dataset:

dd if=/dev/zero of=./largefileabc iflag=fullblock,count_bytes count=10G
dd if=/dev/urandom of=./largefileabc iflag=fullblock,count_bytes count=10G

The screenshots show spikes when copying 1GB, 10GB, and 20GB of zeros, then 1GB and 10GB of random. They show a definite effect on swap, but not linear with the size of the copied file at all:

MemLeak Copying Data NIC.PNG
MemLeak Copying Data swap.PNG

The following screenshot shows that with FN11.1-U5 and FN11.2 (since the last 'reset'), swap usage only ever decreases significantly with a reboot of the host.

FN11.1-11.2 Memory Leak.PNG

This has begun after I've started using VMs. I'd like to help properly debug this, but I have no idea what to do beyond these tests, which is why I ask here first, rather than submit a bug report straight away.

Can I do anything to investigate further, or should I go ahead and file this as a bug on the bug tracker?
Not open for further replies.