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Jun 24, 2018

Welcome to anyone who passes by

Bought a PowerNAS machine back in 2014 - still going strong - even after the mounted file system on USB thumb drive has fried (twice) - took measures this time - bought a USB disk 500GB running on a cable - disk is far far away from the hot motherboard.

I came here today to attempt (yet again) binding a network share on the FreeNAS 9.3 ( that a SONOS could connect to). I managed by fluke last time and I think it will be again. Am running 9.3 and because I knew the build worked I simply ran it up again and restored the 12TB volume with no trouble. Irritatingly had to reconfigure the storage points across the jails to get an owncloud instance back up and running and an automated rsync to another node or two in the house for the back up. But all other aspects seem fine

As a single administrator running a company and various ongoing assets (houses cars) and ensuring Mrs Irnerd and our crazy lurcher Dex are well nourished - I can honestly say time becomes too short to keep massaging these out of date interfaces like smb. Part of me wants to get rid of the Sonos (its version 1 out of date) but it means yet another set of interfaces and nodes to configure. Life is short.

So I am putting a challenge out there - for which I am willing to discuss reward
A script command suite that will
Configure a windows file share to a location in a Jail that has storage point to a folder - No domain Controller (again lack of time on my part does not really allow for more layers of complexity that take an earth to fix when they go wrong)

I am very confident my demands are high - but without that how do we ever improve?

Other news - I have failed to get Plex working adequately (so that it is secure and behind at least 2 firewalls)
I have successfully installed a bulk email copy management solution - (want to migrate email post boxes between provides (search imapsync) -
The FreeBSD / FreeNAS integration is the best I have used for domestic and light commercial use - ever. The problem is as I keep saying - having time to keep it tidy. Zpool is a massive help, with at least data safe and back-ed up n-ways

Anyway - rants over

Have a good day - if not try to help someone else have a good day - you will feel better
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